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Empowered Healthcare is a community and allied health clinic for people living with injuries, chronic diseases and cancer. If your health is holding you back from being a better you, then Empowered Healthcare is designed specifically for you.

The Empowered philosophy is simple




When you are EDUCATED with the right message, ENGAGE in appropriate exercise and have supportive people around you, you have all the tools to be EMPOWERED to improve your health and wellbeing and live life on your terms.

Here at Empowered Healthcare, we work hard so you can live life to the fullest.

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What Our Clients Are Saying…

The group classes have not only helped me physically, but mentally too. The friends I have made and the social community at Empowered has helped me nearly as much as the exercises. The coffee is great too!

Richard - 72yrs

Since attending the program my blood sugar levels have improved greatly and I have lost 7 kgs. My doctor is much happier with my type 2 diabetes and blood results and I feel confident exercising again.

Susan- 49yrs

My last hip replacement left me stuck In the house with poor balance. Now I can tie my shoes up, have upgraded from the walker to a stick and require much less help at home. Thank you so much.

Frank - 89yrs

After my open heart surgery I was very restricted and weak. Since seeing Scott, not only do I feel myself again, I am stronger than before and have confidently returned to playing Golf.

Denise - 65yrs

The exercises I was given at Empowered after my prostate operation have helped me so much with my confidence and quality of life. The group classes have also been wonderful to attend. I now feel ten years younger!

John - 58yrs

Get ready to be Empowered.
Get back to being a better you.

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